NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Still Interested in Charles Woodson

Charles Woodson Packrs

Despite being one of the more coveted free agents when the market opened a couple of months ago, Charles Woodson still hasn’t found himself a new team, watching all those interesting in him, including the San Francisco 49ers, add veteran players or simply look forward towards the draft, hoping to find their answers there.

But the 49ers haven’t forgotten about Woodson who might not be one of the best corners in the NFL anymore, but has shown that he can make up for his speed loss by playing as a safety, like he has pretty well for the Packers last season, when he wasn’t injured.

According to 49ers GM, Trent Baalke, the focus right now is the draft. They have 13 picks to use and while there is the distinct possibility of actually using all 13 picks on new players, the more probable scenraio is the 49ers moving on up the draft ladder in order to get a player they feel can contribute immediately in his rookie season.

Woodson? He hasn’t been getting anything from anyone, as the stage to sign elderly NFL players has passed. After the draft, teams will return to him, if they still have a need for a bit more depth in their secondary.

Same goes for the 49ers, who were pleased with Woodson during his visit last month, but preferred adding Nnamdi Asomugha to the mix. Woodson is still on their shortlist, but they’ll return to him only after the draft, if they fail to add a cornerback or safety they’re pleased with.

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