NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Won’t Bring Back Randy Moss

Despite the injury to their top wide receiver from last season, the San Francisco 49ers aren’t in a hurry to bring back Randy Moss, despite some sort of outside pressure on this matter, for the simple reason that the players they have are probably better than anything the future hall of famer can contribute at this point in his career.

Coming back out of retirement, Moss helped the 49ers reach the Super Bowl last season, catching 28 passes for 434 yards and 3 touchdowns. He wasn’t of much further use in the postseason and the Super Bowl, catching a total of 7 passes for 112 yards, but not serving as a major factor in any of their games.

Randy Moss

Michael Crabtree tore his Achilles Tendon, which isn’t a guarantee he won’t be able to come back in the middle of next season or possibly even earlier than that. In any case, the 49ers, who usually focus on their running game anyway, through Frank Gore and their quarterback, Colin Kaepernick as well, have a deep roster at wide receiver. None of the players waiting in line might be as good as him, but the success of this team over the last couple of years hasn’t been about one or two players.

And what about Moss? There seems to be some media pressure to bring him back, especially from ESPN, who are powerful enough to initiate moves simply by suggesting them for their own personal reasons, usually involved with ratings and traffic. And yet there has been no contact between the 49ers front office and Moss.

The 49ers have Vernon Davis who might enjoy a little more balls coming his way from Kaepernick, just like he did when Alex Smith was calling the shots. Mario Manningham, Anquan Boldin, A.J. Jenkins and Quinton Patton will fill in for Crabtree while he’s gone, and it shouldn’t take too much out of the sting the 49ers pack in their offensive game.

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