NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Willing to Compromise With Kam Chancellor

Kam Chancellor

The Kam Chancellor holdout continues and the Seattle Seahawks have no intention of giving him what he wants. But they’re not trying to trade him, and hoping to end this problem by giving him a little incentive.

Chancellor holding out means losing quite a lot of money due to fines, losing about $30,000 a day. He’s out for about $1 million so far not including the bonus money the team can take back, and he doesn’t plan to suit for week 1, which means losing out on close to $280,000 (his game check).

What does Chancellor want? His contract opened up and renegotiated. He signed a deal with the Seahawks in 2013 worth $28 million that includes $7.8 million in fully guaranteed money. The Seahawks don’t negotiate with players who have more than one year on their deal.

But this is getting to a point in which the Seahawks need Chancellor back on the field. They’re not offering him a new deal, but they’re willing to give him back 70% of the fine money and some partial guaranteed for the 2016 season which he doesn’t currently have. He’ll still be losing more than $0.5 million for his holdout if he takes the deal they’re offering him.

Chancellor is trying to set a precedent and make a statement by holding out for week 1 even if he likes what the Seahawks are offering him. It’s costing him quite a lot of money, but by his and his agents calculations, it’s going to be worth it in the end.

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