NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Not Playing Kam Chancellor; Not Trading Him Either

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The holding out safety Kam Chancellor isn’t going to be with the Seattle Seahawks in week 1, but despite the trade rumors and offers being floated at them, the team has no intention of moving him somewhere else.

Chancellor isn’t listed on the team’s depth chart for week 1 as expected. Chancellor, through his agent, has made it quite clear he won’t play in week 1. The question is how far will this go.

One suggestion is that the Seahawks already have a package for Chancellor he’ll be happy with: Giving him back 70% of the fine money he’s accumulated for not showing up over the last month and the game check he’s going to miss, and offering him more guaranteed money and possibly even extending his contract by one year. Chancellor isn’t getting a new deal with an improved salary, not when he signed the current one so recently, but he’s not going to walk away empty handed.

The other side to the discussion is that the Seahawks aren’t giving in to his demands, or not giving him enough, and that Chancellor is willing to keep on missing training and games, which means a lot of money not going into his bank account, thinking he’s going to bend the Seahawks and their principle of not negotiating contracts unless there’s just one season left on them.

Meanwhile, while Chancellor is losing $267,647 for every game he misses, head coach Pete Carroll admits teams have been making calls and asking about Chancellor, but no one in the orginization has considered trading him.

There have been a couple phone calls from other teams, people just kind of wondering what’s going on. We really are not interested in talking to them about that, so we don’t.

Dion Bailey, an undrafted free agent in 2014, will start in Chancellor’s place in St. Louis against the Rams.

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