NFL Rumors – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Getting Closer to Darrelle Revis Trade

There aren’t many big names left to sign for teams looking into free agents, but there’s one big name on the trading block that might be a bit closer to find a new team. Darrelle Revis has been the most mentioned player this off-season, and it’s getting more and more evident that the New York Jets will eventually agree to whatever the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are offering them.

The current status is this: The Jets want the Bucs’ 2013 first-round pick and additional pieces in order to complete the trade that will send Revis to Florida, where he’ll supposedly sign a new deal worth $15-16 million a season, with probably more than $30 million in guaranteed money. While he hasn’t played in nearly six months, the Bucs seem willing to mortgage their future for the man usually refereed to as the best cornerback in the NFL. But…

The Bucs are willing to give up a first round pick, and even a second round pick just so the Jets are pleased, and do not go for other active parts of the Bucs’ roster, but only from the 2014 NFL Draft, which might be a bit lower of a pick for Tampa Bay, who keep stocking up on weapons for both sides of the ball. Despite wanting a chance to rebuild now, the Jets, who don’t have any other callers on the line, might be wise to agree to what the Buccaneers are offering them.

Why? Because they’re the only team willing to give them a first round pick while having the cap-space to actually re-sign Revis for the next few years. While there’s always the idea of keeping Revis on the team and hoping to send him by the in-season trade deadline, it’s unlikely more teams will join the race, even if he does show 100% rehabilitation from his ACL tear. It seems like a first and second round pick is as good as it gets for the Jets in this trade, even if they have to wait over a year to get the players promised to them.

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