NFL Rumors – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Interested in Mark Sanchez & Darrelle Revis

Mark Sanchez

With the Darrelle Revis trade saga not looking like something that will soon be over, another complication or twist enters the fray, with the news of the possibility that Mark Sanchez, the disappointing yet expensive New York Jets quarterback might be a name to be included in any deal the Tampa Bay Buccaneers make for the recuperating cornerback.

News coming out of Florida suggests that the Bucs aren’t all that pleased with the development of Josh Freeman, despite putting up some impressive numbers last season and the continuing improvement to his receiving core, not to mention the running game led by Doug Martin, who ran for 1454 yards last season, while Freeman threw for a career high 4065 yards last season as the Bucs finished 7-9.

It’s not that Tampa are giving up on Freeman, but they would like to see him with a little more competition pushing him to be better. While Mark Sanchez isn’t everybody’s ideal of a starting quarterback, he should certainly make things a little bit more interesting and competitive for the starting spot.

While he is better than anything the Jets have right now on their roster, the last couple of seasons have cost him a lot of fans, and his huge $8.25 million salary for 2013 might mean that the Jets would at least consider sending him to Tampa Bay, knowing that next season is a lost one either way, and continuing their rebuilding work by clearing so much cap space wouldn’t be such a bad idea, with someone capable like Kevin Kolb ready to jump at the challenge of being the Jets’ starter.

In terms of who to believe, it depends on what media outlets you subscribe to. In New York, they keep saying it’s not going to happen, and Sanchez is only going to be wearing green in 2013. In Tampa, who can afford to add Sanchez and Revis’ new deal (if he gets one) and still remain under the cap, the word is that Sanchez is a possibility  if the Jets insist on getting the first round pick for the 2013 NFL draft.

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