NFL Rumors – Terrelle Pryor Wants Oakland Raiders to Let Him Go

Terrelle Pryor

Despite becoming quite popular with the fans in the few opportunities he’s had to start and play for the Oakland Raiders, he isn’t getting the same kind of love from the coaching staff and front office, leading Terrelle Pryor to request being traded or simply released, seeing he isn’t part of the plans for the franchise as a starting quarterback.

Pryor seemed like a surprise pick to start for the Raiders early in the season, beating Matt Flynn to the job in training camp and preseason. Pryor had some electrifying performances, mostly thanks to his running ability, but lost his starting job to Matt McGloin during the season, with an injury also hurting him during 2013.

His numbers? He did rush for 576 yards and scoring two touchdowns, averaging 6.9 yards per carry. However, his throwing numbers weren’t as impressive. He completed 57.4% of his passes, throwing 7 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, posting a 69.1 passer rating.

Was this a god enough reason to push him down the pecking order, made even clearer with the acquisition of Matt Schaub from the Houston Texans via trade? Many believe Pryor has done enough to deserve a bit more credit and respect from the organization, but the bottom line is that at the moment, he isn’t more than a third-string quarterback in the eyes of his head coach.

So what can Pryor do? Take on a new-old agent (Drew Rosenhaus), and let the pit-bull do his thing. Pryor is demanding (actually, he’s been wanting it for almost a month, realizing the Raiders just don’t believe in him) to be traded or released, as he feels he has a chance to at least be a backup on a different team in the NFL.

He’s probably right. It’s hard to find someone who’ll start him right away, but as a backup quarterback in any sort of constellation, Pryor can be very useful, and maybe for a team that isn’t sure about their QB situation or drafting one this spring, he has a chance of winning over the coaching staff during training camp.

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