NFL Rumors – Tim Tebow Still Trying to Become a Decent Passer

While the New York Jets are still waiting for someone to offer them something, anything, for the forgotten star at the end of the depth chart, Tim Tebow isn’t giving up on being a quarterback in the NFL just yet, attending QB-training camps in order to show that he has what it takes as a passer to deserve a spot on any roster in the league.

Despite all of the rumors, the Jets aren’t letting go of Tebow just yet. Some say they’re waiting for a trade, but have 0 offers waiting for them in the fax machine, mail box or inbox on their computer. Others think they’re still contemplating the shift to H-Back, which Tebow isn’t exactly keen on, and no one really knows if he has the catching ability to make it in the NFL as a hybrid tight end.

Tebow himself? He wants to be a quarterback, something that worked OK for him during half a season with the Denver Broncos, despite some ugly throwing mechanics which at times were simply painful to watch. He won games, even one in the postseason, but the theory is that with that kind of motion, there’s no way he’s going to last in the league for very long. His sub .500 completion percentage wasn’t very helpful as well.

So while the Jets are looking for any reason not to cut him, Tebow attended Chris Weinke’s quarterback school in Florida. Weinke said he was impressed with Tebow’s ability to make adjustments and willingness to work on his throwing. It’s been a weird thing for Tebow during his three NFL seasons, working with quite a few quarterback coaches, each one of them telling him something different.

NFL teams don’t care about his adjustments and the effort he’s willing to put into improving – they want to see him improved; they want to see him throw like an actual quarterback, and not someone who seems awkward and uncomfortable each time he has to execute a passing play. I’m not sure Tebow has what it takes.

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