NFL Rumors – Washington Redskins Making Duke Ihenacho a Starting Safety

Duke Ihenacho

There are rarely good news when it comes to the Washington Redskins, but Duke Ihenacho winning the strong safety starting spot through training camp can be considered something positive.

The 26-year old barely got to play last season, appearing just three times for the Redskins before an injury cut his season short. He joined the Redskins after being cut by the Denver Broncos following the 2013 season.

He began training camp as the #3 option behind Jeron Johnson and Phillip Thomas for the SS spot, but was impressive enough in his ability to recover from the injury and outplay his competitors for the starting spot, slowly climbing up the depth chart.

So Ihenacho will be playing next to Dashon Goldson, the other starting safety. This isn’t going to make the Redskins much better in 2015, as most of the focus hinges on the changes at quarterback and the ability to avoid the drama around Robert Griffin III, but maybe it’ll finally be a season that generates some sort of positivity and continuity for a franchise that has been doing poorly, excluding one good season, for a very long time.

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