NFL Rumors – Washington Redskins Make the Sane Choice by Picking Kirk Cousins to Start

Kirk Cousins

No more assumptions and guessing: The Washington Redskins name Kirk Cousins as their week 1 starting quarterback, a first for him since being drafted by the team, which means it’s one step closer to the door for Robert Griffin III.

Since the two have been drafted, Griffin was always the opening day starter. Cousins impressed in some of his cameos or starts instead of Griffin, although looked bad in others. Overall, Griffin was always the de facto #1 and was moved from the spot only when injured.

He’s not 100% right now as well, but it’s more than that. There has to be at least one or two voices in the organization calling for the team to move on from a player that seems to be getting worse with time, as a combination of injury problems and his own football ability have made him almost untouchable once his rookie contract runs out, with no takes on trade offers.

Cousins has started nine times for the Redskins, and overall has completed 59% of his passes for the team, throwing 18 touchdown passes and 19 interceptions. Unless Jay Gruden figures out a way to get the offensive line working again, Cousins being better than Griffin won’t make much of a difference, he’ll be destroyed by the pass rush as well.

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