NFL Rumors – Washington Redskins & Tennessee Titans Interested in Signing Terence Garvin

Terence Garvin Huber Hit

After three seasons of not doing too much on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Terence Garvin is doing his round of team visiting, with two being his likely final destination: The Washington Redskins and Tennessee Titans.

The 25 year old linebacker has already been to Washington, with the Titans next on his list. He played mostly special teams for the Steelers after going undrafted in 2013, starting one game in 2013 and overall appearing for the team 43 times, posting 27 tackles, most of them on special teams.

Garvin isn’t going to be too much of a game changer on either defense. He’s a player who fits in special teams and might try to move up the depth chart and get himself some scrimmage snaps and not just special teams moments. He played his college football for West Virginia, playing four seasons for the Mountaineers.

Garvin is mostly remembered for a hit he delivered during an Antonio Brown runback for a touchdown in 2013. Blocking for Brown on the punt return, he broke the jaw of Bengals punter Kevin Huber. he block was not penalized at the time, but was later ruled illegal by the NFL, resulting in a $25,000 fine.

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