2013 NFL Season – Only 2 Undefeated Teams Left

As the New Orleans Saints Lost for the first time this season, it left us with only two teams, both in the AFC West, with a perfect 6-0 record: The Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs, both undefeated in the 2013 NFL Season, and still more than a month away from when they meet each other for the first time this season.

The Saints went into the weekend with a 5-0 record, and they also held a 27-23 lead going into the final 2:24 of their game against the New England Patriots. But there’s still some magic left in Tom Brady’s arm, as he lead the Patriots to a game winning drive, ending with a touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins, leaving only 5 seconds on the clock. Not enough time for Drew Brees, on a terrible 17-of-36 passing day, to do anything.

Peyton Manning

The Broncos actually had their lowest scoring game of the season against the worst team in the NFL, beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 35-19 in a game that was close for the first three quarters, before Knowshon Moreno ran for two touchdowns to put it beyond doubt. The Jags’ offense still looks terrible, unable to get anything going in the passing game and taking advantage of Peyton Manning’s second interception of the season, turning it into a pick-six.

When do they lose? The last two weeks have shown the Broncos in less than invincible form, but they found ways to win that don’t have to do with Peyton Manning being all MVP’ish. Playing in Indianapolis next week might be it, and if not, we’ll probably have to wait until the Broncos play the Chiefs in Week 11 for them to lose for the first time, because Houston and Oakland aren’t going to manage that.

The Kansas City Chiefs themselves won themselves a division game, beating the Oakland Raiders 24-7 despite another awful game from Alex Smith, completing only 14 of 31 passes. Their defense is simply too good for anyone to handle right now, intercepting Terrelle Pryor three times, scoring a late fourth quarter touchdown off one of his bad throws, in a game that had no first quarter points and was pretty close until the final three minutes of the game.

When do they lose? Right now, there’s no immediate threat until their week 11 game in Denver. Houston, Cleveland, Buffalo and a bye week after the Bills should mean that the Chiefs, who are on pace to set a new NFL sack record (had an amazing 10 against the Raiders), will be 9-0 by the time they meet the Broncos.