Coolest NFL T-Shirts & Hoodies on Black Friday

Black Friday isn’t all about electronics; NFL fans can enjoy the holiday discount as well and buy t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers and sweatshirts of their favorite teams. 

The Internet is filled with awesome Black Friday deals involving NFL gear, but the endless options can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re not sure what to look for. That’s why you have us: We picked the 10 best NFL shirt Black Friday deals for you. It doesn’t matter what team you support; you’ll find something to wear here:

NFL Men’s Pullover

NFL Men's Pullover

This awesome looking NFL complete 1/4-zip pullover is available for the following teams: Broncos, Bills, Panthers, Bears, Bengals, Browns, Lions, Packers, Vikings, Patriots, Giants, Jets, Eagles, Steelers, 49ers and Seahawks. 

NFL Men’s Hoodie

NFL Men's Hoodie New England Patriots

A simple and neat hoodie of every NFL team, including the New England Patriots showing up in the picture. It comes in five different sizes.

NFL Men’s Headline Hoodie

NFL Men's Headline Hoodie Seattle Seahawks

The NFL headline hoodie, in Seattle Seahawks design on the picture, is for fans who want to “scream” the name of their loved teams for everyone to know.

NFL Men’s Neps T-Shirt

NFL Men's Neps T-Shirt Oakland Raiders

The NFL Men’s Neps t-shirt (here in Oakland Raiders design) comes in 26 different team designs.

NFL Men’s Knockout T-Shirt

NFL Men's Knockout T-Shirt Minnesota Vikings

A different t-shirt design for the NFL male fanbase, featuring the Minnesota Vikings tee in this particular image.

NFL Women’s MVP Hero T-Shirt

NFL Women's MVP Hero T-Shirt

The NFL women’s MVP hero t-shirt design (here featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers) comes in four sizes: Small, medium, large and x-large.

NFL Men’s Tristate T-Shirt

NFL Men's tristate t-shirt Philadelphia Eagles

The coolest t-shirt design on this list, the NFL men’s tristate t-shirts combine the team, the state it’s in and the team’s tagline as well. In this case, the tristate t-shirt shows Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL Men’s Crosstown Flanker T-Shirt

NFL Men's crosstown flanker t-shirt

I’m not sure what crosstown flanker means, but this New York Giants t-shirt, along with a few others, bring a nice, little rugged look to the shirts that is sometimes missing from these designs.

NFL Men’s Long Sleeve Fleece Sweatshirt

NFL Men's Long Sleeve Fleece Sweatshirt Baltimore Ravens

This awesome NFL Men’s long sleeve crewneck fleece sweatshirt design is available for the following teams: Ravens, Bills, Panthers, Broncos, Lions, Packers, Colts, Giants, Jets, Steelers, Buccaneers and Redskins.

NFL Men’s Long Sleeve Fleece T-Shirt

NFL Men's Long Sleeve Fleece T-Shirt

You can buy the NFL Men’s long sleeve fleece t-shirt design for the following teams: Falcons, Bears, Bengals, Browns, Texans, Colts, Jaguars, Dolphins, Vikings, Patriots, Saints, Raiders, Chargers & Titans.