NFL Shop Incredible Deals on Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The NFL, through the NFL Shop and Amazon, is having a pre-Christmas sales on ugly NFL sweaters of NFL teams with a variety of designs for fans of all teams, and some very lucrative discounts that are worth taking advantage of.

Seattle Seahawks Ugly Christmas Sweater

The patches ugly sweater is on sale for $54.95 instead of $80.00 for X-Large and comes at an even greater discount for large ($52.06) and medium ($49.95) with small variances between all the teams, although there’s still a discount of 30-40% on these specific designs for all teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers Ugly Christmas Sweater

Another design with great discounts on it is the Busy Block ugly sweater, with the large sizes costing $39.90 on some teams (Pittsburgh Steelers for example), 50% off from the original price. Again, the prices are different from team to team and size to size, but on almost all of them there’s a significant discount from the original price.

Denver Broncos ugly Christmas Sweater

One of my favorite designs is the One Too Many Ugly Sweater, with a smaller selection of teams available. Again, there’s a very wide range of discounts to choose from. The large Dallas Cowboys sweater costs $46.51 instead of $79.99, a 42% discount. The New England Patriots sell the same item (with the team’s own design and colors of course) for $47.99, a 40% discount. This item is also available for the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears.

New York Giants Ugly Christmas Sweater

Last but not least is the NFL Almost Right But Ugly Sweater, which is mostly about the logo of the team making a big appearance on the center of it with some snowflakes above and below, maybe for a better representation of the team. Again, some teams don’t offer discounts, coming in at $89.99 (like the San Francisco 49ers) on the large size, while the Dallas Cowboys version is available for $41.21, a 31% discount.

For a wider look at the available NFL sweaters or for other NFL Christmas items, we’re happy to help. There are also some previous deals the NFL shop had going on which might be still valid.