14 NFL Super Bowl Quizzes to Prepare You for Sunday

A great way to impress people at Super Bowl parties is trivia knowledge, especially about the NFL and football history, rules and stats. So in order to help you brush up on your NFL trivia skills or simply learn something new, we’ve put together the list of the best Super Bowl quizzes to be found on Sporcle. Memorize these and you’ll shine on Super Bowl sunday by spewing out facts to leave everyone in awe.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Opponents

The Atlanta Falcons, the Patriots rivals in Super Bowl LI, will be the 7th team they meet in 8 Super Bowl appearances. Who were the others? And which team has been there to face them twice?

Super Bowl Quarterback Colleges

Where did the quarterbacks who ended up winning a Super Bowl go to school before they got in the NFL. Tom Brady was a Michigan man. Matt Ryan (who still doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring) went to Boston College. That’s all the help you’ll get from us.

Coaches Who Have Won and Lost a Super Bowl

There are 11 head coaches across the NFL in the Super Bowl era with at least one win and one loss in the big game. Bill Belichick is one of them. Who are the others?

Multiple NFL Super Bowl Winners

There are 12 teams with 2 or more Super Bowl championships, including the Patriots. What about the other 11?

The Teams That Have Not Played in a Super Bowl

There are only 4 NFL franchises without a Super Bowl appearance, three of them relatively young, so it makes sense. The other has been around since before the Super Bowl days, but are a symbol of underachieving in this league.

The Last Time… (Super Bowl related)

A series of questions about things related to the year the last time certain things happened in the Super Bowl. A fun quiz that takes you beyond the realms of NFL knowledge.

NFL Super Bowl Winners

There have been 50 Super Bowls to-date. Who have been the winners each time?

NFL Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks

And in those 50 Super Bowls, who were the quarterbacks on the winning side?

NFL Super Bowl Losing Quarterbacks

There are two sides to every coin, and for 50 Super Bowls with a celebrating quarterback, there has always been someone left disappointed, sometimes in tears.

NFL Super Bowl MVPs

Quarterbacks tend to win the MVP in the Super Bowl, but not always.

NFL Leading Rusher in the Super Bowl

Now to give the running backs some respect, it’s time to brush up on the knowledge of rushing yards in Super Bowls.

NFL Super Bowl Venues

An easier route for Super Bowl geography would be naming the cities hosting the event. But the name of the actual stadiums? A lot more challenging and fun.

NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show

To me, it’s the most annoying part of the day. To many others, it’s a good opportunity to enjoy some music in the middle of all that football.

Colleges with the Most Super Bowl MVPs

We finish with some NCAA bragging rights, and the colleges that have produced the most Super Bowl MVPs.

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