NFL Trade Rumors – Matt Flynn Wants to Start Somewhere

Way before the season began, there was no doubt who was going to be the starter for the Seattle Seahawks at quarterback: Matt Flynn, and no one else. After spending  almost an entire season on the bench, he might be on the move again via trade.

According to Pete Carroll, the head coach of the recently eliminated-from-the-playoffs Seahawks, there’s nothing new to the situation.

As we move forward we’re going to figure it out. We’re fortunate that we have two really good football players in the program.

He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no as well. Flynn was red hot coming off a late season performance from the Green Bay Packers in 2011, throwing for 480 yards and six touchdown passes in a 45-41 shootout against the Detroit Lions, getting everybody quite excited about the free agent who was leaving Wisconsin.

He signed a three year contract with the Seahawks worth $19.5 million, $10 of them guaranteed. He was even named the starter very early on, but then Russell Wilson happened, and you know the rest. Flynn took the field three times in 2012, and only in the 58-0 win against the Arizona Cardinals did he actually get involved, completing 5 of 9 passes for 68 yards.

The battle against Russell Wilson seems to be lost, although you never know how things go, as life in the NFL is very fickle, and a team with aspirations like the Seahawks need a decent, if not better than that, player as the backup quarterback. Many would argue that Flynn is the most talented of all the backups in the league, but he’s quite an expensive luxury to have.

If the Seahawks do find Flynn as a bit too expensive for their payroll, there are quite a few teams who’ll start working a trade package for the former LSU quarterback: The Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs and probably the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets are all in need of a starting quarterback, or at least for another player compete for the position. Don’t be surprised to see this deal as one of the first to happen.

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