NFL Week 5 Scores

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Another Sunday, and the Green Bay Packers remain perfect. Aaron Rodgers had a beautiful game with nearly 400 yards as the Packers came from behind to beat the Falcons in Atlanta 25-14. The Patriots beat the Jets in a heated AFC East match, keeping pace with the Bills while the 49ers destroyed Tampa Bay and the Colts, alas, are still win-less.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-4) 24  Buffalo Bills (4-1) 31

It should have been the other way around, considering the hype and talent. Michael Vick became the all time leading quarterback in running yards but was intercepted four times, as the Bills created 17 points off 5 Eagles turnovers. Fred Jackson ran for 111 yards and caught for 85, scoring a touchdown.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) 28  Indianapolis Colts (0-5) 24

The Colts keep dropping leads, losing after building a 17-0 lead. Matt Cassell threw for 289 yards and four touchdowns while Jackie Battle ran for 119. There were no turnovers, but the Chiefs got the stops they needed while Painter struggled in the second half to drive his team forward.

Arizona Cardinals (1-4) 10  Minnesota Vikings (1-4) 31

The Vikings are too good a team to keep on losing, and Adrian Peterson with 3 touchdowns made sure the offense finally played its part. McNabb struggled with 10-21, 169 yards, but Kevin Kolb on the other side was much much worse, getting intercepted twice, finishing with a 46.9 QB rating. You can’t win games like that.

Seattle Seahawks (2-3) 36  New York Giants (3-2) 25

The Giants keep shooting themselves in the leg (A Plaxico Burress Curse?), turning the ball over 5 times, four of them by Eli Manning who did throw three touchdown passes but managed to ruin any good taste he left a play later each time. Doug Baldwin finished with 136 receiving yards and a touchdown while the Giants’ Victor Cruz kept the big numbers coming with 161 yards and a touchdown.

Tennessee Titans (3-2) 17  Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) 38

Ben Roethlisberger tied a career high, throwing 5 TD passes and finding eight different receivers as their defense haunted Matt Hasselbeck all day long and containing the struggling Chris Johnson at 51 yards on 14 carries.

New Orleans Saints (4-1) 30  Carolina Panthers (1-4) 27

The game I enjoyed the most on Sunday, Drew Brees finding Pierre Thomas for the winning touchdown with less than a minute on the clock, Cam Newton who keeps playing well but can’t win and DeAngelo Williams, running for 115 yards and a touchdown, averaging 12.8 yards a carry. Not enough against Brees though – 359 yards and two touchdowns. He’s forgiven for the interception.

Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) 30  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) 20

The Bengals aren’t a very good team, despite the over .500 record, but the Jags just can’t beat anybody. Andy Dalton threw two touchdown passes to AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham as the Bengals keep surprising.

Oakland Raiders (3-2) 25  Houston Texans (3-2) 20

I don’t know why people said no one gave the Raiders a chance. Karma is a strong force, and there was no chance they were losing the game after the death of Al Davis. The Texans had 150 more offensive yards, but Matt Schaub got intercepted twice, including the last drive. Sebastian Janikowski hit four field goals, three of them of 50 yards or more.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) 3  San Francisco 49ers (4-1) 48

We warned the Bucs this would happen, but who would have though it’d be such a blow. Josh Freeman got picked off twice and the 49ers scored one touchdown off that interception. Alex Smith, doing what he can, nothing more, which is probably best for him and the team, threw 3 TD passes while Frank Gore ran for 125 yards and a score. Something good is happening in the bay area.

San Diego Chargers (4-1) 29  Denver Broncos (1-4) 24

Tim Tebow got to play after Kyle Orton got booed off the field, but the Chargers are just too good right now, enjoying their best start since 2006. Over 200 yards on the ground made the difference for San Diego, while Philip Rivers threw for a touchdown and ran for one more. The big story though was Tebow, scoring and throwing a touchdown pass in the short time he won on the field. New times in Colorado? It seems so.

New York Jets (2-3) 21  New England Patriots (4-1) 30

Despite everything written and certain perceptions, the Jets are struggling while the Patriots have enough offense to carry them through. BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a huge game for the Pats, running for 136 yards and scoring two touchdowns while Tom Brady was ‘ordinary’ with 321 yards, one TD and one interception.

Green Bay Packers (5-0) 25  Atlanta Falcons (2-3) 14

Champions, best player in the league, perfect through week 5. The Green Bay Packers scored 25 consecutive points after being down 0-14 in the second quarter, with nearly everything going through the air. Aaron Rodgers finished with 396 yards and two touchdowns, while Matt Ryan got intercepted twice and Michael Turner was limited to 56 yards only.