Nick Young – The Best Shot Fake Ever Made

The best shot fake in the NBA usually belongs to Dwyane Wade, getting defenders to jump on him and easily draw the fouls. Nick Young may have introduced a new, more effective way of faking out guarding players – making a 360 rotating spin and then easily knock down a jumper or three pointer, just like he pulled off as the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors 102-95.

Scoring 21 points in what might have been his best game this season (during his best stretch so far as a Laker), Young hit a corner three pointer by giving Marreese Speights a little lesson in reading moves. Speights didn’t think and jumped straight at Young. Young didn’t make a pump fake or move his hands. He simply spun on his anchor leg and found himself wide open while Speights was flying by, knocking down the shot.

The Lakers got a win over a playoff team which doesn’t happen very often for them, improving to 6-7, showing that things aren’t as bad as some would like to make them out to be. Young himself is doing very well after a lacking start to the season in the first week, averaging 17.2 points over the last five games, getting his shooting in order – he’s making 49.2% of his field goal attempts during this stretch and 41.7% of his three point attempts.

He’s not Kobe Bryant and the Lakers sorely miss Bryant’s ability to create points and be someone a defense actually pays attention to and sends a double team at, but Young is doing slightly better than expected, giving the Lakers a reliable scoring option from the perimeter with athleticism, which they’ve been sorely missing.