Miami Marlins No Beard Policy Makes Andrew Cashner Look Miserable

Andrew Cashner Beard Before After

The San Diego Padres traded Andrew Cashner to the Miami Marlins, which resulted in him losing his beard, and looking completely miserable.

Cashner, a right handed starting pitcher, was traded by the Padres along with Colin Rae and Tayron Guerrero for minor leaguers to the Marlins, who have been after some rotation arms for quite some time, finally finding a deal they like with the trade deadline approaching. Not bad for Cashner, who has never pitched in the postseason, and is now playing on a team that’s fighting for a spot in the playoffs through the NL East.

However, the Marlins have a no-facial hair policy, which the New York Yankees were always famous for implementing (remember Johnny Damon?). This means Cashner’s full, thick beard had to be trimmed down. And fresh after a shave people often look a little bit weird. The cheeks look chubby, too bright and reddish. To be honest, Cashner looks completely miserable without his beard. But a few good games, which haven’t happened that often to him over the last two seasons, will help him forget about the sacrifice he had to make while switching teams.