Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Won’t Happen in 2012

Floyd Mayweather got a gift. Maybe someone up above loves him, despite being convicted of beating his ex-girlfriend in front of her children. A judge decided to postpone’s Mayweather’s 90 day jail sentence, so he can go ahead and fight in the May 5 date he had saved for quite sometime now. However, chances of him facing Manny Pacquiao on that date are slim to none.

Blame? Probably Bob Arum, who looks more and more like the direct cause of why this fight won’t happen again in 2012. With news of Mayweather going to prison and not being able to make his May 5 fight, Arum actually thought of taking the date for a fourth Pacquiao – Marquez fight. Cinco De Mayo works well with Mexican fighters, and Arum would love that fight to happen.

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He put four options in front of Manny to choose from – Marquez, Lamont Peterson, Timothy Bradley or another rematch, Miguel Cotto. Marquez and Cotto are big money (not Mayweather money), Bradley and Peterson are a change in direction and more importantly for many fans – not rematches.

Well, if anyone thought that Mayweather getting a pass to go ahead and fight on May, think again. The judge was thinking financially, for the city of Vegas. Mayweather fights mean a lot of money not just for HBO and the fighters, but for the city of Las Vegas. The judge decided that having Mayweather in jail in June instead of January won’t hurt anyone. In my personal opinion, that’s a bad decision. I love seeing Mayweather fight, but the man plead guilty to a very severe offense, which had legal people make it sound less horrible than it really was. He deserves time in jail, not discounts.

Well, the moment Arum heard about Floyd’s miracle, he immediately said he’s looking for a June date. In truth, Arum did speak this week about fixing up Pacquiao’s next fight in May or June, but I think that Mayweather’s delay of serving justice made up his mind.

Oscar De La Hoya has been saying if for a while now, but it just gets truer with every twist and turn. Bob Arum doesn’t want to have his biggest fighter in fights he can’t control. He doesn’t like doing business outside his own stable, and if so, preferably not with Golden Boy. Good for Arum? probably. Not good for boxing.

So Mayweather has a few guys lined up. Saul Alvarez, Canelo, looks like the best option. He’s a Golden Boy fighter and one of the biggest stars among the Mexican fighters. May 5, Cinco De Mayo, it all fits.

Richard Schaefer – I don’t think Manny Pacquiao wants to be on that list of names for Mayweather, or Bob doesn’t want him to be on the list. I am sick and tired of Arum’s bulls—. First Bob said June is when Pacquiao would fight, when Floyd was going to be on May 5. Then, when it looked like Floyd wouldn’t be available in May, he said Pacquiao would be available in May. Now, since they know Mayweather is going to fight in May, suddenly Pacquiao is going to fight in June.

I’m tired of all those people saying it is Mayweather who doesn’t want the fight. Arum knows who to call. He can pick up the phone and call me and say, ‘Let’s get a fight done with Pacquiao.’ The rest of it is bulls—. The rest can go drink the Arum and Top Rank Kool-Aid. It is Arum who doesn’t want the fight to happen, end of story.

If Mayweather goes to jail in June, coming out around August-September, there will be no fight against Pacquiao in 2012. Manny will probably fight in June and make a usual November-December bout to cap off the year. The boxing world will have to wait again for the biggest fight to happen, as these two grow older by another 12 months.