5 Memes on How it Feels When There’s No NBA Playoff Basketball for one Night

There’s hockey and baseball and even some soccer, but this time of year, nothing compares to NBA playoffs basketball. It’s quite depressing that there’s actually an off night from the action.

It also means that at some point, the party is going to end. The intensity of the first round is over, and pretty soon we’re going to get just one game instead of two, which means reducing the amount of basketball we consume each night.

Then, before you notice, we’re down to three games a week as the NBA finals roll up. Sure, it’s the finals, but there’s nothing wrong with two-three excellent games each night, especially when compared to going two nights in a row (Friday and Saturday during Finals) without any basketball to watch.

But you make do with what you have, and the postseason is getting better and better after a mostly tepid first round. If it stays this good (and close, no one is up 2-0), we’ll forgive them for the one-night vacations they take.