Not the End of the Spain Era; Just the Olympic Games

While the Spanish papers are already bashing every player and everyone involved with the Spain U-23 team that has lost the first two matches in the 2012 Olympic games football tournament, they seem to forget that these are only the Olympics – not the Euro or the World cup.

There’s no use in sugarcoating it – A failure is a failure, and when a team with that kind of talent and players, even without bringing in anyone over the age of 24 to aid the team in London, loses their first two matches to Japan and Honduras, there should be some inquiry made regarding what happened.

But that’s football, not an easy to predict sport like other events in the Olympic games. In 95% of the time, the best swimmer and the fastest track runner will come up with the gold medal. The more moving objects in your team, the bigger the chance of fulfilling your favorites destiny won’t come through.

When you think about the season some of the players had and the achievements already behind them – Jordi Alba after playing a major part in the Euro 2012 triumphant campaign, Juan Mata who was also involved in that title and winning the Champions League with Chelsea and more – The Olympic games just don’t seem that important. No one wants to lose, and everyone tries to win every time they go out on the field, but in the back of your mind, it’s not such a big deal as losing in a different, more important competition.

Players aren’t remembered for what they did in the Olympic tournament. Football legends are about league titles, Champions League trophies and performances in the World Cup, the Euro or the Copa America. Some nations take it a bit more seriously, some don’t. Whatever Spain’s approach was heading into the tournament, it didn’t work. But it won’t affect the national team or the players involved in the failure at all. Life goes on, because almost everything in the world of football is more important than this.