Now Antonio Smith Doesn’t Think The Patriots Were Cheating

Antonio Smith

One minute after a loss Antonio Smith is making very easy to spot allegations against the New England Patriots for cheating by spying on the Houston Texans. A couple of days later and it seems like he’s forgotten about the whole thing.

The Texans dropped a big lead against the Patriots in a 34-31 loss. It is the 10th consecutive loss for the Texans who are now 2-10 this season, as even their defense, which statistically is still one of the best in the NFL, couldn’t keep up a strong performance for more than one half.

I’m sorry I said the word spying because of a prior engagement of them being caught spying. Though it may be something I was curious about, that kind of didn’t seem right, like how all of a sudden the change here? It wasn’t a serious matter to where I was thinking, ‘Aw man, they’re spying on us, they’re cheating.’

In his post game interview, Smith didn’t seem like he was joking. The more logical reason for him changing his mind was head coach Gary Kubiak who really didn’t like Smith making an excuse for the loss by blaming the Patriots for cheating and creating a spygate 3.0. Kubiak or the organization forcing Smith to address the media once more and sing a different tune makes more sense as the reason for his 180.