The Big-12 Crumbling and the Forming of a Pac-16?

The Red River Rivalry leaving the Big-12?
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Realignment is the latest trend. In the NHL, in Baseball, and in College Football. Nebraska left the Big-12 for the Big Ten. Colorado left for the Pac-10. Texas A&M are leaving from the SEC next year. Now, Oklahoma, and right behind them, Texas, are talking Pac-16 future. And Baylor beat TCU , 50-48. What the hell is going on?

College Footballs and the BCS credibility is taking hits. BCS – well, every year the controversy around the rankings and the no playoff thing comes back to rule the headlines for a while. Now, with all these conference power moves, with schools bolting tradition and long time rivals in order to create some sort of mega-conferences while leaving even less for the little guys, I can’t see how this does any good PR for the NCAA.

Some even say the whole Aggies transfer is an attempt by the Texas Gov. to get the support of the deep south as he tries to become president. Crazy conspiracy theory? Maybe, but politics and money rule, creating these changes, these mini earthquakes in College Football. As if we didn’t have enough scandals of late – from Ohio State to Miami.

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But the latest thing is the Pac-16. Talking with Oklahoma and Texas, Pac-12 officials will add Oklahoma State and Texas Tech if they get the juggernauts to join. Call it the dissection of the Big-12. Oklahoma State’s billionaire booster, T.Boone Pickens, thinks the Big-12 will be gone pretty soon. Five years seems like the longest prediction he makes for the remaining time this conference has.

Oklahoma University president, David Boren, talks about being happy about what a hot commodate his school is while trying to create some Myst and fog about the Sooners’ intentions – We’re seeking stability in our conference relationship with partners that are both outstanding athletically and academically as well because a conference that’s strong is not only stable but it’s one in which there are multiple relationships, along with sports, between the university members.

Stability is also in the mind of those left behind – Missouri and Kansas State for example. Both schools are hoping for the Big-12 to endure, even with nine teams. John Currie, the Wildcats’ athletic director, even said the conference may be looking into adding a school or two into the mix. Sounds like vacant words in a futile attempt to keep things stable in a falling apart conference.