Oscar Fakes Getting Hurt, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Gets Sent Off

The work of Jose Mourinho paid off, getting into the head of referee Bjorn Kuipers, falling for the pathetic act by Oscar which got Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent off in the Champions League match between Chelsea and PSG.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic took what might seem like a reckless slide near the Chelsea penalty box, but his leg was bent, and he didn’t clip Oscar. It was a foul, maybe a booking, but not a red card. Oscar was heading for the ball in the same way, only he got a little bit roughed up.

Obviously, he made it look like it was a lot worse, wincing in pain as if he has just broken his leg. Kuipers actually didn’t even hesitate, letting the reaction of the fans, the Chelsea players and the words of Jose Mourinho get to him and potentially ruin a match with a huge mistake and lapse of judgement.

Jose Mourinho complained before the match that Paris Saint-Germain were over aggressive in an attempt to gain some advantage with the officials. His team hasn’t scored, but thanks to an away goal, they don’t have to. Making it more difficult for the French champions to do so is almost as important.

If Kuipers is refereeing this match aware that he’s already made a mistake, it might backfire on Chelsea and Oscar, who picked up a booking shortly after.