Pacquiao Camp Busy Taking Shots at Mayweather While Promoting Bradley Fight

Manny Pacquiao is currently in the United States as part of his promotional tour of the fight against Timothy Bradley on June 9, but nothing makes a promotion better than talking about other stuff, especially Floyd Mayweather and why it’s his fault (according to the Pac-Man camp) that their mega fight didn’t happen once again.

Pacquiao already spoke about the “cheap” offer he got from Floyd Mayweather. According to Pacquiao, Mayweather offered him $40 million for the fight, but without a take of the Pay-Per-View money. The PPV sales should gross at least $150 million, so it does sound like a joke offering Pacquiao such a low amount compared to the actual amount on the table. Arum also pushed for a later date so a bigger arena, to sell more tickets, could be built, but it probably was so Mayweather wouldn’t be able to fight, due to his May 5 obligation and pending jail time waiting to be served.

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It seems that the Pacquiao camp may need to hit the promotional button a bit harder this time, due to the opponent. Timothy Bradley is a Light Welterweight champion and undefeated, but hasn’t been in publicized fights, making an appearance against Joel Casamyor on the Pacquiao – Marquez undercard last November. It’s his Top Rank affiliation that won him a chance with Manny in the ring, not his persona or star quality. Ability? Nobody’s arguing the Bradley could pose more than a slight problem for the WBO Welterweight champion.

But in terms of a spark between them? There’s no hatred, mostly respect, even admiration on the part of Bradley. Pacquiao is probably the best fighter in the history of boxing. He’s a great role model, a great guy, but Manny Pacquiao has reigned for a long time, and I really feel like I’m the new face of boxing. I wonder who wrote the script for him on that one.

As always, the most interesting things were said about Mayweather. Pacquiao said, again, that he wanted the fight, but things fell on the other side of the ball – I’m willing to fight Mayweather. But I have to fight the guys who are hungry to fight me. Timothy Bradley is strong, and he can punch. He’s a good boxer, so it’s a challenge to fight a guy like that.

I was in the Philippines, and I told him, ‘We need to make this fight happen,’ I said I would agree to a 50-50 split, and he said, ‘Oh, I’ll give you a $40 million guarantee, and no pay-per-view. I’ll take all the pay-per-view.’ I don’t accept that offer. It’s kind of embarrassing to me. It’s trying to take advantage of me. He doesn’t want to fight.

Freddie Roach, who wasn’t one of those backing for Pacquiao to fight Bradley for several reasons, suddenly seemed entuastic about the fight, and another shot to put Mayweather down – It’s nice to be fighting a fighter who is undefeated and not worried about losing that zero on his record.