Pacquiao vs Mayweather, the Trilogy?

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Manny Pacquio and his camp can’t get Floyd Mayweather Jr. to agree to take him on for one fight, so a chance of three fights? A Pacquaio – Maywether Trilogy? Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, seems to think there’s a good shot of this unfulfilled (as of yet) rivalry becoming a historic trio of fights.

Manny Pacquiao is training towards his November 12 fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. It will be the third time these two meet in the ring, resulting in a draw back in 2004 and a split decision win for Pacquiao over three years ago. There are very few fighters who can put up much of a fight against Manny, and Marquez, the younger version, has certainly proved he’s up for the challenge.

At 38, two years since his last defeat (to Floyd Mayweather Jr.) and three wins since, the oldest Lightweight champion is questionably a match for Pacquiao.

There’s constant talk from the Pacquiao camp, mostly from Freddie Roach, about the difficulty to find opponents for Manny Pacquiao. Fighting Marquez for a third time pretty much proves it. There’s Timothy Bradley talk, there’s Sergio Martinez talk, and even Amir Khan, who used to train with Pacquiao until recently, has been suggested. Still, the big prize, in terms of money and pretty much everything, is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

You know, obviously, everyone wants Mayweather. Of course, we’re all getting a little tired of hearing his name because he doesn’t want to fight Manny. But hopefully, that fight will happen. That fight is so interesting, it could end up being a trilogy. Actually, it could be the last three fights for Manny, if the fight goes as we see it because they’re both very, very good fighters so it’s a fight we want. There’s nobody out there for Manny anymore, Manny might just end up fighting Mayweather after all. 

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Roach is right. This is the only fight that will satisfy boxing fans and those who finally want to see who’s best, who’s the greatest Welterweight of them all. By talking about this, to the Filipino or American press, this might draw Mayweather out of his shell. This will be the biggest purse in history, and will be one of those few moments that Boxing can be the most talked about sport in the world, for a day or two.

But this isn’t what Mayweather seems to want. What does he want? Nobody seems to know. Right now he’s entertaining ideas of who to fight next. The Victor Ortiz fight did put him back on the map, but it hardly satisfied, with the way it ended. A fight against Amir Khan or Sergio Martinez, who both want a piece of him, could be huge, but not as huge as Pacquiao.

Question is, does Mayweather really want to fight him? Is he waiting for Manny to lose, or show some sort of weakness before taking him on? The drug testing doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore, so what is? Simply fearing the guy, fearing his undefeated record will be hurt? As long as he keeps avoiding this fight, Mayweather won’t get the fan, crowd love he thinks he deserves, and will always be thought of as no.2 in comparison to Pacquaio, something he also finds hard to live with, I’m sure.