Partizan Belgrade – Fans Try and Burn the Red Star Stadium


There are few derbies in the world that match the passion, intensity and often violence of the Serbian derby between Partizan and Red Star. The latest version of the ageless rivalry did end with a 1-0 win for the hosts, Red Star, but will be remembered for what Partizan fans did in the stands.

The only goal in the match was a weird own goal from Milan Obradovic, giving Red Star the 1-0 win, putting them only one point behind league leaders Partizan. However, despite the win, there were plenty of cause for concerns during the match, as frustrated Partizan fans decided to try and ruin it for the 40,000 in the stadium.

Without seats in their stands, Partizan fans used two tactics to draw attention to themselves and try and ruin the match: They burned anything they could get their hands on to create a huge bonfire in the stands, while hurling flares at the athletic track surrounding the stadium.

This was a match dominated by Red Star through the 90 minutes, but without creating too many chances. What’s left of the match that helped them get closer to the top of the table were their hated rivals are waiting is the fiery show by Partizan fans and one Milan Obradovic goal to his own net.

Red Star fans weren’t exempt of heating up the atmosphere, lighting up dozens of flares and fireworks to create a fantastic atmosphere before the match began. There’s nothing wrong with flares and similar things as long as it’s in a controlled environment and supervised, but Partizan fans, not for the first time, took things a bit too far.