Paul Geroge With the Greatest Dunk of All Time?

It wasn’t in an NBA game, just some exhibithion performance in Shanghai. Still, Paul Geroge of the Indiana Pacers, known for his athletic ability and dunks, pulled off a reverse 360 between the legs windmill dunk, someone no one has ever managed to do.

George has already performed a couple of impressive perofmance dunks in recent years – His glow-in-the-dark 360 windmill in the 2012 Dunk Contest or jumpting over 7’2 teammate Roy Hibbert in the same competition, clearing the height without any problem at all.

Another impressive aspect of this dunk was George not having any sort of warm up. He just got called by the announcer, got up from his chair, pulled of a 360 dunk, took another ball, and ran in for another 360, this time with the reverse and between the legs twist.

George, a 6’8 swingmanm is entering his third NBA season with the Indiana Pacers in 2012-2013. He averaged 12.1 points an 5.6 rebounds per game last season, becoming a full time starter for the Pacers, not missing a single game while helping the team reach the conference semifinals.