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Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers

If you’ve noticed that Mario Chalmers seems to be the scapegoat for Miami Heat players over the years, getting yelled at for whatever reason on a game to game basis, you’re not alone. In fact, someone actually made a Tumblr blog on the subject, putting together in Gifs and pictures the many moments of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and others yelling at Mario Chalmers.

People Yelling at Mario Chalmers has been active since October 2012, and is a hilarious celebration of the Miami Heat’s unsung hero. A point guard who actually won a national championship for Kansas with a huge clutch shot, and has averaged 10.5 points per game over the last two Finals series for the Heat, playing a big part on both ends of the floor in their two NBA titles.

The problem with Chalmers seems to be that he doesn’t make the best decisions in the world sometimes. Unlike bigger stars or more experiences players, who seem to be immune to criticism for similar mistakes, Chalmers is surrounded by too many veterans, all-stars and legends in the making to take the easy way out after mistakes, which are often quite hard to explain, hence the huge amount of moments caught on camera of him getting yelled at.