Perfect Meme to Describe How Pathetic the Milwaukee Bucks Celebration Was

Bucks Meme

While there is no written rule, it should be common knowledge that you don’t celebrate a playoff win when you’re down 3-1 in a series. The Milwaukee Bucks, following narrowly beating the Chicago Bulls, live by their own rules.

There are sort of guidelines to when it’s alright to pull out the champagne bottles and celebrate in baseball. In basketball, it’s a bit easier to separate the occasions: Win a series or championship? OK, do it. You don’t win something of that magnitude? Wait a little bit.

what-the-f- meme

But the Bucks aren’t just a regular organization. They’re a franchise without a playoff win since 2010. They haven’t won a playoff series since 2001. A playoff win, especially against a rival like the Chicago Bulls, is a big deal.

The Bulls shouldn’t have lost game 4. Not in the way they did, which was one foolish turnover by Derrick Rose and then completely messing up defensively and allowing Jerryd Bayless to score the game winning layup. As punishment, they had to watch the Bucks celebrate like they just won the NBA title.