Peyton Manning Helping Out the City of Omaha By Yelling it During Games

Peyton Manning Calls

Quarterbacks shout things during games. Some of them mean something – snap count, audible. Sometimes it’s meaningless, or an attempt to trick a defense. Peyton Manning isn’t the first, but seems to be the one who sticks to the word Omaha, Nebraska’s biggest city, more than anyone else.

And the city, or some people in it, seem to be enjoying the extra attention from Manning (Tom Brady and Eli Manning have also been seen and heard shouting ‘Omaha’), which some feel can help the city improve its image and gain a bit of free publicity. Manning was heard loud and clear on the broadcast, which was the highest rated Divisional Playoff game in 18 years. Omaha was a trending word on Twitter, and local business didn’t ignore the recognition.


According to¬†David Brown, the¬†Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, he’d love to hire Manning to do some publicity for the city and try to show that it’s more than just a cowtown on the Missouri river. Certainly Warren Buffett has helped shed that image a bit, not to mention sporting events like the¬†College World Series and U.S. Olympic swim trials, but Manning might be helping even more than all those combined.

What exactly did it mean in the game? He shouted it 44 times, and the Chargers, possibly trying to decipher the snap count from it, where caught five times offside.

A Super Bowl ad that runs 30 seconds costs $4 million, but the city of Omaha might get one that runs an entire game for free if Manning reaches the Super Bowl and keeps yelling that in order to confuse an opposing defense.

According to¬†Doug Parrott, executive vice president for the Nebraska-based Bailey Lauerman public relations and advertising firm,¬†Everybody in Omaha really needs to root for Peyton to take down Tom Brady and the Patriots so we can hear ‘Omaha’ in the Super Bowl.

Image via cubbytees