Philadelphia Eagles – Evan Mathis Threats Make Offensive Line a Big Problem

Evan Mathis

Troubles can come in pairs. The Philadelphia Eagles already have one problem for the first few games of the 2014 NFL season with one of their offensive linemen, and now will have to deal with Evan Mathis, one of the best guards in the league, not being satisfied with his contract and a possibility for a no-show in training camp.

Lane Johnson, entering his second season in the NFL, has been suspended by the NFL for a the first four games of the new season. Evan Mathis, the left guard who is entering his fourth season with the team and made first team All-Pro last season, is unhappy. Not about that, but his contract.

Mathis made $4 million last season including all the bonuses, and should be eligible to make $6.15 million this season. He has been to the voluntary spring OTAs and the mandatory June minicamp. However, without seeing anything moving from the front office in regards to his contract, Mathis is likely not to show up when training camp on July 25 begins.

According to Pro Football Focus, who have their ways of rating players who are more difficult to judge statistically, Mathis was the number one guard in the NFL last season. He has recently made it clear he is unhappy with the five-year, $25 million deal he signed with the Eagles.

The Eagles don’t need more problems with their offensive line. Mathis has Drew Rosenhaus as an agent, which means this isn’t just going to blow over for the Eagles without them actually responding in an attempt to bridge over the differences.

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