Philadelphia Eagles – LeSean McCoy Meets a Defense That Can’t Stop Him

LeSean McCoy

For the second time this season, the Dallas Cowboys were beaten quite heavily on their home turf, this time by the Philadelphia Eagles (33-10). Yet it didn’t feel like the Eagles were that much better. Things just happened so quickly, especially for the Dallas Cowboys defense that was gutted open by LeSean McCoy and the fast play calling, and remains one huge weakness for teams to exploit.

McCoy ran for 159 yards and a touchdown as the Eagles walked away with a dominant win from Dallas, remaining undefeated in the division and handing the Cowboys their second loss against an NFC East team. The Eagles now have a better record (9-3 to 8-4) but they’ll probably have the edge when it comes to division record if it ever comes to that kind of tiebreaker. Obviously that might change if the Cowboys win in Philadelphia.

Mark Sanchez wasn’t outstanding, but simply avoided mistakes. throwing for one touchdown and running for another, as the Eagles jumped to a 14-0 lead and kept their distance while the Cowboys struggled keeping the Eagles from scoring distance on almost every drive, scoring their one touchdown early in the second quarter and then adding only three more points on the scoreboard during the final 44:56 of the game, getting outgained by almost 200 yards by the Eagles.

If you’re looking for key moments that made this game look so one sided, it probably came in the way both teams handled their opportunities. The Cowboys turned the ball over three times while the Eagles did it just once. However, Romo’s two interceptions came when the game was pretty much over. The bigger turnover for the Cowboys came in the second quarter, with the Eagles ahead 20-7. A short pass to Cole Beasley that could have gained the Cowboys a lot of yards ended up in a fumble with some great defense from Brandon Boykin who stripped the ball away. The Eagles scored another field goal after, and seemed to end any momentum that was going against them.

Tony Romo

The Cowboys forced a fumble of their own in the second half with the Eagles ahead by 16 points. It happened on the Eagles’ own 13-yard line, and yet the Cowboys couldn’t do anything more but set up for a field goal, the last time they scored in the game, and further proof that their execution on offense was simply well below standard for a game of this magnitude, which included DeMarco Murray running for only 73 yards, just the second time this season he’s been held to less than 100.

Romo himself threw for just 199 yards, struggling to find open players. He found Jason Witten just once during the game, usually focusing on Dez Bryant, finishing with four receptions for 73 yards. His offensive line wasn’t as effective as usual, allowing Romo to be sacked four times and also the Eagles got eight tackles for a loss. Mark Sanchez on the other hand was rarely bothered, completing 20-of-29 passes for 217 yards.

The Eagles aren’t the complete package, but they showed their versatility in a win against a good Cowboys team by executing a very well-thought plan on both sides of the field. The Cowboys won’t have many bad days like this one offensively, but there are reasons to be concerned. The worst thing about all this was their defense, which simply got exposed easily time after time, showing once again that keeping it off the field is the best tactic the Cowboys have working for them.

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