Phoenix Suns Bench Gets Excited About Sexy Lady Walking By

Late in the game with the win sealed, Phoenix Suns players and especially Gerald Green had the opportunity to let go of concentration and focus, instead setting their sights and looking impressed with a sexy young lady walking behind them.

It wasn’t an easy win, but the Lakers had no chance to catch up with the Suns in the final seconds of the game, as the scoreline on the Gif shows (111-104 with 19.9 seconds left). Green was the best player in the game, scoring 26 points, and was already in ‘going to the shower’ mode, without his jersey on.

Playing around with a towel, sucking it for some reason, it’s clear to see from his reaction as the woman walks past him that he’s really impressed. Every other player on that bench turned their heads as well.

Maybe now they should do a Youtube video of ’10 hours of walking in the Staples Center as a woman’, following the current trend.

Knicks cheerleader
This is just a hot cheerleader that has nothing to do with the “article”
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