Phoenix Suns – What Did Marcus Morris Say to Jeff Hornacek?

The Phoenix Suns beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 113-111 was just the tip of the iceberg, with most of the attention going to Marcus Morris yelling at Jeff Hornacek during the third quarter.

What happened? Morris got hit across the mouth and later on got a technical foul, something that’s not really rare for the Morris twins. Pulled away from the court, Jeff Hornacek said something that Marcus Morris didn’t really like, generating quite an aggressive response, pretty much verbally assaulting his head coach before being pulled away by an assistant coach.

What did one half of the Morris twins say? Well, through some expert lip reading it seems to be this:

Marcus: “Man, how am I a pussy?!

Man muh’fugga’ I got fouled!

I’m bleedin’! I’m bleedin’!

Watch the tape!

Muh’fugga’ fouled me man!

I got fuckin’ fouled! He grabbed my arm! I got the call! Watch the tape!

Fuck outta here man…man if I knock his ass out, you can take me out!

Hornacek wasn’t happy with Morris talking to the officials despite getting hit, and probably told him to stop acting like a pu$$%, which lit up something in Morris. As you can see, Goran Dragic is trying to say some soothing words from behind, P.J. Tucker is enjoying his drink and eventually assistant pull him away and calm him down.

The real gem from this video and gif? The discussion between the two women sitting behind the bench, and the moment one of them realizes that they’ve been caught on camera. It’s not a very philosophical or subtle discussion.

Morris in Hornacek's face

As for what the two had to say after the game? Hornacek didn’t make too much of it. Everyone is competing and laying it out there. I like our guys playing with emotion, but they’ve got to control it sometimes.

Morris didn’t talk to reporters after the game, but did tweet an apology.

Gotta be a better professional for my younger teammates and can’t let my emotions get the best of me. Love my coach and my team. Great win.