Tim Duncan in Throwback Mode

Sometimes, a work of photoshop is done so well it creates two reactions. One – actually thinking that the picture, in this case, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs in throwback mode, is real. Two – Wishing that something like this can happen.

Duncan has pretty much had the same kind of haircut through his entire 15 season NBA career, but the Robin Lopez/Anderson Varejao look works so well for him he should actually consider growing it or wearing a wig for nights when the Spurs play with their retro jerseys.

Another matter that comes to mind from this picture, which is horrifying to some fashion conscientious people, is that during the 1970’s and especially in the ABA, about half the players used to rock this style. The Spurs, who were an ABA franchise before the merger, were probably a perfect fir for someone like this photo-shopped Tim Duncan.

Image: source