Pixar Animator Austin Madison’s Fantasy Football Sketches

What’s better than translate what you’re seeing on the football field onto a canvas, if you have the talent of course? Austin Madison, a Pixar animator and one talented sports fan, makes the most of his viewing experience by making awesome artworks based on the outcomes of NFL and College Football games he sees.

Turning the Boondocks Saints into Panther hunters for the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers;The Millennium Falcon(s) shooting down stampeding Broncos in a game between Atlanta and the Denver Broncos; Walker, Texas Ranger taking down a tiger as the Houston Texans beat the Cincinnati Benglas; The Chicago Bears hunting Cardinals, cowering behind a rock.

College Football also gets its representation, or at least the BCS championship game does, depicting what the Alabama Crimson Tide did to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that day.

For the rest of his awesome collection, you can either go to this imgur album or visit Madison’s blog