Premier League – Christmas & New Year’s Matches

Among the Holiday shopping and cheers, the most wonderful thing about Christmas and New Year’s is the English Premier League carrying on like nothing’s going on, with 39 matches in 11 days, as Manchester United try to keep Manchester City and Chelsea off their back. Biggest matches of the upcoming two weeks? Chelsea visiting Everton in Goodison Park on December 30.

December 22, 2012

Wigan vs Arsenal – Despite all the criticism, Arsenal are fifth, only two points behind a Champions League spot, which is like a trophy to them. Wigan are in the same problems they usually are during this time of year – relegation zone problems.

Manchester City vs Reading – Sometimes it feels City don’t really care about the matches until they go down. Reading are a perfect team to not care about and still win, ranking last in the league.

Newcastle vs QPR – Something’s not working for the Magpies this season, despite Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse, currently 15th. QPR have had a terrible start, but it feels like Redknapp can turn the ship around.

Southampton vs Sunderland – The Saints are a decent home side, who can play some nice football against opponents that let them. Sunderland aren’t really known for their away matches prowess.

Tottenham vs Stoke – There’s something about this clash of styles that’s always interesting, but Stoke hardly even look to win when they play away from home, so don’t expect them to come out with more than a 0-0 if Tottenham struggle to score early.

West Brom vs Norwich – The fantastic run from the start of the season is starting to normalize, but WBA are terrific at home, while Norwich, another shocking beginners, will try and continue their latest surge.

West Ham vs Everton – Two physical teams in a match that should be about a lot of pace and hard tackling, with Everton probably having enough quality to see it through.

Liverpool vs Fulham – Liverpool won’t be as careless and complacent at home like their were against Aston Villa. Fulham are horrible away from home.

December 23, 2012

Swansea vs Manchester United – Swansea do look like the side that can get a 2-0 lead on United before the game really starts, but that doesn’t really matter in Red Devils matches.

Chelsea vs Aston Villa – A comfortable chance for Benitez to recapture form and get some more players into the confident lane, against a Villa side that are about Benteke and nothing much else.

The rest of ’em – December 26, 2012

Everton vs Wigan

Fulham vs Southampton

Manchester United vs Newcastle

Norwich vs Chelsea

QPR vs West Brom

Reading vs Swansea

Sunderland vs Manchester City

Aston Villa vs Tottenham

Stoke vs Liverpool

December 29, 2012

Sunderland vs Tottenham

Aston Villa vs Wigan

Fulham vs Swansea

Manchester United vs West Brom

Norwich vs Manchester City

Reading vs West Ham

Stoke vs Southampton

Arsenal vs Newcastle

December 30, 2012

Everton vs Chelsea

QPR vs Liverpool

January 1, 2013

West Brom vs Fulham

Manchester City vs Stoke

Swansea vs Aston Villa

Tottenham vs Reading

West Ham vs Norwich

Wigan vs Manchester United

Southampton vs Arsenal

January 2, 2013

Chelsea vs QPR

Liverpool vs Sunderland

Newcastle vs Everton

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