Premier League – How Much is a Goal Worth

With transfer fees going up and up, especially for striker who later on don’t go on to justify the price that was paid for them or the wages they receive, the cost of an actual goal scores by most of them is on a constant rise. Yes, each Fernando Torres or Andy Carroll goal is sometimes more precious than gold.

That stats accumulated for this infographic are based on analysis of 293 transfers involving forward players, stopping at the end of the 2011-2012 season. The average transfer fee of those forwards involved in the research was £5.92 million. With an average production of just over 12 goals since being bought, it makes each goal worth just under half a million pounds. For example, Fernando Torres, before this season began, had 7 league goals for Chelsea to show for his £50 million price, £9.1 million per goal.

Wages were also used to calculate the value of a goal; the average wage was £2.48 million (of the players involved), leading to a worth of £210,000 per goal. By taking into account the resale fee of some of these players, it’s obvious to see that many of them lose value after the transfer, although not by as much as one would think.