Premier League Payments to Clubs in 2011-2012

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the richest of them all? Well, the answer is easy – Manchester City, thanks to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. But do they bring in the most money as well? Well, thanks to winning the title and featuring heavily on the live broadcasts, City top the Premier League’s payment list as well.

Club in the Premeir League, and pretty much in every football league in Europe, earn their cash through three main revenue streams – Match day income, tickets; Media income, which is what the chart is all about, although it doesn’t include all revenue sources; Commercial income – Merchandise, sponsorship, summer tours etc.

All the revenue from the foreign TV deals is split among the 20 teams in the league, each receiving £18.7 million. All clubs share £13.7 million for domestic TV, and from there the income rises, depending on how much a team is featured on live TV. There is a minimum of 10 times, and a maximum of 26.

That can be seen in the Facility Fees section, where Manchester United have an edge over the rest of the team’s in the league. They also have an edge by having the biggest stadium and the highest attendance numbers, although the money made off of fans isn’t shown in this chart. Manchester City still made more money than anyone else this season from the Premier League, thanks to their first place finish.

The merit payment awards £755,000 for each place in the table, with the Champions taking home a shy more than £15 million. City eventually lead all clubs in Total Payment from the Premier League with £60.6 million. In terms or rising, Newcastle made £7 million more than last season (47 to 54) while Aston Villa, nearly relegated, earned £7 million less compared with last season.

The Premier League also hands out ‘parachute payments’ to 7 relegated clubs from the past few seasons. West Ham and Blackpool, receiving £15 million from that ridiculous deal, will battle for promotion, making good use of the financial advantage they get from playing poorly a season before.