A Premier League Poem to Sum Up the 2011-2012 Season

An ode to the Premier League? Something alone those lines. The English Premiership isn’t as strong as it was two-three years ago, there’s no denying. Despite Chelsea winning the champions league, it had nothing to do as an indicator to the strength of a league. But it’d be hard to deny 2011-2012 was especially amazing in England, above the rest of the big leagues.

Because the Spanish league was once again drowned by the Barcelona – Real Madrid rivalry. Three clubs reached the Europa League Semi Final, which did show the league’s depth in a way, but for those who like to look at the superficial and move on, there’s not much beyond the top two teams.

The Serie A is returning to the good days. It’s taking time, but the rise of AC Milan last season and Juventus this year is crucial for the Italian league to regain its former strength and standing. Money is always a good incentive and cause, but the most important thing is having the two biggest clubs in terms of global reach fighting for the title. Inter? They’re a huge club, but they fail to excite anyone.

And Germany has seen somewhat of a throne revolt. Bayern Munich not winning a title for two consecutive seasons is almost unheard of , but Borussia Dortmund is the hottest name in the land at the moment. If they can keep their “stars”, a new empire might rise next to Bayern’s established one.

But it’s still the Premier League, and probably always will be unless something dramatic happens, that is the most watched globally. And 2011-2012 was a special season. From the huge wins by United over Arsenal and in turn by City over United, to the ugliness of the Suarez and John Terry incidents. Above all was the title race that went down not to the last day, but the very last seconds of the season. Sergio Aguero in the box, 94th minute. Best image you can think of, if you’re not a Manchester United fan.