Premier League Referees At Their Absolute Worst

Ashley Young Dive

Two figures; Jonathan Moss and Martin Atkinson stand out as the worst of the bunch in another terrible day for refereeing in the Premier League, with the former allowing Manchester United a breezy win against Crystal Palace with an invented penalty kick and red card, while the latter made mistakes on both sides in the Arsenal – Sunderland match.

We’ll begin with Moss, who made an awful decision without actually being sure of what he saw at the end of the first half between Crystal Palace and Manchester United. Ashley Young, known for his diving (and actually already booked earlier on for that offense), did it again by falling outside of the box from minimal to no contact from Kagisho Dikgacoi.

Manchester United got the penalty kick, Dikgacoi got sent off, and Young expanded his reputation as the worst diver in the Premier League, while Moss made himself look like a fool as TV cameras showed he tried to get help from the linesman, who didn’t see things properly. Moss, from the angle he was watching, couldn’t have seen a foul, and still decided to help the home team get a win they should have picked up in any case.

In the Northeast, Martin Atkinson was gracious enough to make mistakes on both sides. The first came in favor of Sunderland, as Adam Johnson made a pitiful dive in the box, making the most of Laurent Koscielny loving to slide without thinking of the repercussions, giving Craig Gardner the chance to score from the spot.

The moment in favor of Arsenal came a bit later, after Arsenal went up 2-1. Jozy Altidore shook off Bacary Sagna from him and scored and equalizer, only Martin Atkinson disallowed the goal, blowing his whistle for the foul a bit earlier on for no apparent reason. Paolo Di Canio was later sent off after abusing the refereeing crew a bit more than necessary.