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Premier League Top 6: Tables & Conclusions Before Christmas


Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City

Just before the hectic Christmas schedule begins, it’s a good time to look at the situation in the Premier League, and especially the recently referred to top 6, which includes Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Premier League Table

  Wins Draws Losses Points
1. Man City 17 1 0 52
2. Man Utd 13 2 3 41
3. Chelsea 12 2 4 38
4. Liverpool 9 7 2 34
5. Arsenal 10 3 5 33
6. Burnley 9 5 4 32
7. Tottenham 9 4 5 31

Right now, Burnley are disrupting the “top 6” harmony with their fantastic season, but few will be surprised if Sean Dyche and his players see a drop in their position during the second half of the season, and maybe by the time 2018 kicks off. What is easy to see is how far away Manchester City are from everyone else, already building an 11-point lead that is close to impossible to catch up with.

Manchester United and Chelsea have also set themselves apart for the time being, looking like the two that will battle for the second spot. Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham have 4th to fight for, assuming Burnley don’t last the long race.

Just like last season, it’s interesting to see how these clubs do when they face each other:

Top 6 Against Themselves

  Wins Draws Losses Points
1. Man City 5 0 0 15
2. Chelsea 2 2 1 8
3. Man Utd 2 1 2 7
4. Liverpool 1 2 2 5
5. Arsenal 1 1 3 4
6. Tottenham 1 0 4 3

Last season Liverpool were undefeated against their Champions League spots rivals. This season, things aren’t going as well, with their two losses being humiliating defeats to Spurs and Manchester City. Spurs’ only points in this inner-table came in that impressive Wembley win, while Manchester City are just walking all over everyone. Not very different from the actual table, except for Chelsea and Manchester United switching places.

Liverpool Arsenal 4-0

And how about against everyone else?

Top 6 Against Everyone Else

  Wins Draws Losses Points
1. Man City 12 1 0 37
2. Man Utd 11 1 1 34
3. Chelsea 10 3 0 33
4. Liverpool 8 5 0 29
5. Arsenal 9 2 2 29
6. Tottenham 8 4 1 28

The same order as in the regular table (excluding Burnley), with both Chelsea and Liverpool also undefeated. Liverpool’s big problem this season has been its inability to finish off matches, starting with their debut against Watford, a 3-3 draw. Arsenal are the only team to lose more than one match against a non Top 6 club, while Manchester United have been extremely dominant in their matches against the smaller clubs in the Premier League (especially when Paul Pogba has been playing), as their only dropped points came against Stoke (draw) and Huddersfield (loss).

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