PSG – The 2014 Shopping List

Franck Ribery

While people may expect Paris Saint-Germain to make moves for the most expensive players possible, like Wayne Rooney from Manchester United or Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, it seems their plans of improvements of involve a lot of money being spent, but mostly on French players, and investing in the likes of Samir Nasri, Franck Ribery, Yohan Cabaye and possibly even Karim Benzema.

After being knocked out of the Champions League, the Parisians advanced with cementing their lead on top of Ligue 1, probably ensuring they win the title for the first time since 1994 and make their first check over one of the goals their new ownership has set for Leonardo and Carlo Ancelotti to achieve. They’re nine points ahead of Marseille with six matches left to go. Nothing will take this title away from them.

While Zlatan Ibrahimovic may be the jewel in the crown that helped PSG win the title, its the depth of their squad at pretty much every position that has lifted them to a level no one can reach locally, and propelled them to the top 8 in the Champions League, missing out on knocking off Barcelona due to away goals and the impact of Lionel Messi. To counter that, in Leonardo’s opinion, it’s not about signing a star player, but tweaking what need to be improved.

We do want a larger squad with adequate cover in all areas in order to avoid the sort of problems we had in January in midfield with all the injuries and suspensions.

Yohan Cabaye

And on their list? Well, pretty much making the French national squad in the French capital. Franck Ribery has been with Bayern Munich for six seasons now, and it’s possibly time for him to accept a better offer in terms of salary, not to mention a return to his country, although for a club that is the biggest rival of his former French team, Marseille. Ribery has been the creative force in bringing back the title to Bayern, scoring 7 goals and adding 10 assists in the league so far this season.

Another Frenchman who used to play for Marseille PSG will be going after is Samir Nasri, who we all know loves money. His disappointing season at Manchester City and his ongoing media fights with Roberto Mancini might mean that after a seasons with only 1 goals and 6 assists in the Premier League, Samir Nasri will be looking to get himself another huge contract, without the risk of hearing Judas and other hurtful words twice a season against Arsenal.

Yohan Cabaye is another player who made quite an arrival in England during his debut season with Newcastle but like the rest of his team, took a step back in 2013. While the Magpies have turned into a France B side, Cabaye isn’t as influential as he was in the previous season, not finding himself in the long ball style Alan Pardew keeps insisting on. Few argue about his credentials and ability, one of the best among the French players, which might give PSG enough of a temptation to try and bring him over next season.

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