PSG Will Sign Wayne Rooney if Manchester United Sign Falcao

Wayne Rooney

You can’t have all the good strikers in the world on one team, it simply doesn’t work, although the overload at Manchester United certainly helped them win, probably, the Premier League title with ease. But if Falcao does arrive this summer from Atletico Madrid, it’ll surely mean someone, most likely Wayne Rooney, will have to make room for the new player, and Paris Saint-Germain would be more than happy to sign him.

It’s been an ongoing, up & down issue for about 2-3 years. Wayne Rooney is precious to Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, yet something about his approach, and occasional drops in form, fitness and attitude towards the game always helps him drift away from the club, making it look like maybe it will be better for both sides to start anew. The initial success of Robin van Persie made it quite clear that United can do well without Rooney, and his benching in the second leg against Real Madrid was another example of Alex Ferguson showing he’s trying to go on without him.

While Chicharito is another name usually used when Manchester United potential exits are brought up, his excellent scoring record despite mostly coming off the bench (8 league goals in six starts and 10 more appearances off the bench) should save him a place in the United squad, unless he desires to try and win a regular lineup spot elsewhere, something that probably won’t happen with the Red Devils anytime soon.

Rooney, unlike other players at his position, tends to be a distraction at times. His versatility and work ethic when his head is straight might be unmatched on the Manchester United squad, but if there’s something Alex Ferguson has proven over the years is that everyone can be discarded, and there’s a replacement for everyone. It might not be of the same high individual quality, but there are ways to make up for it, just like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Paris Saint-Germain don’t seem to be simply filling positional needs. They want big names, great players. They have the money to pay whatever United ask for Rooney, and have the salary paying capabilities to beat anyone who tries to get in the way. These are still all speculations, built on the chance that United are actually going to sign Falcao. But things move fast once the chains get going, which means seeing Rooney play in the French league next season isn’t that far-fetched of an idea.