PSG – Zlatan Ibrahimovic Makes Up For Disappointing Team

Despite being a team that’s been running for quite some time together, PSG doesn’t look like a cohesive, symbiotic unit. Individual brilliance here and there, and one Zlatan Ibrahimovic that is a level above the rest of anyone else in Ligue 1, which apparently is good enough to remain above the rest of the league (Except for one team) at this stage of the season.

PSG took a huge step towards leaving most of the competition behind by beating Marseille 2-1 in Le Classique, making it four consecutive wins for the Parisians and six matches without a win for Marseille in the biggest rivalry France has to offer.

Laurent Blanc wasn’t the first choice for the French champions, and it’s clear to see why. His last season with Bordeaux was a disaster, and he didn’t bring new tidings or brilliant soccer with a talented national French side. It’s no surprise that PSG look stuck, slow, sluggish and anything else you can dig up to describe a predictable team, insisting on playing with a trio of midfielders in the middle, while there’s hardly any support on the wings to the forward trio of Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Lavezzi.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

PSG need to evolve into something similar of a 4-4-2, although the numbers don’t matter. However, when your team is down to 10-men, impressing isn’t that much of a worry, as Saint-Germain’s conservative tactics meant they did a good enough job in stifling Marseille to come up with the difficult away win.

The three-man midfield unit was preserved even after Thiago Motta was sent off, as Lavezzi was taken off and youngster¬†Adrien Rabiot was introduces. On most days, it’s just yet another cause for PSG looking so unimpressive, continuously relying on Zlatan Ibrahimovic to bail them out. This time, against a Marseille team attacking blindly without too much thought, it was a move that possible won the match for the Parisians.