FIFA With More Terrible Ideas on How to Ruin the World Cup

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Separate the match into 3 periods of 90 minutes. Having the World Cup played at winter time. And of course, voting for two World Cups, at the same time, 12 years before the World Cup is set to be played. The bribe allegations. Jack Warner. Mohamed Bin Hammam. Above all, so far managing to steer the ship in its (allegedly) corrupt path, Sepp Blatter.

The world isn’t happy with the 2022 World Cup being in Qatar. Qataris are, the Arab world is mostly pleased. Historic for the Middle East. With every passing day, still 11 years to go, the feeling and hints of wrong doing, bribery and corruption are all reeking from the FIFA administration. Allegedly of course. Sepp Blatter said that inquires and in-house investigation will be made. So far? Nothing, and nothing will happen. The Qatari adventure continues. All the problems that  could potentially ruin the world cup – Heat, human rights, size and ability to take in so many fans and visitors. They all disappeared apparently when the check books were pulled out, allegedly.

Blatter has already said that there is a popular ground-swell to hold another vote, and maybe strip Qatar of the privilege of hosting what is probably the biggest sporting event in the world. If they find any wrong doings. Will they? Do they actually want to find any wrong doings? I’m not so sure.

So meanwhile, ideas are being thrown around – The notorious heat being the main discussion point. How will avoid the heat? Oh, that’s right – play in Winter, when leagues are played in Europe. Fans don’t care about their clubs, right? Wrong. Local-Patriotism – fans usually care more for their own clubs than the national team. I think that should be true in almost every nation with a relatively developed soccer culture. But Blatter needs to find a way to make it work.

The heat problem-solving suggestions continue – splitting the game into 3 30 minute periods, not 2 45 minute halves. Hey, just so we can justify the terrible decision, lets change the game of football so it can accommodate anything we choose right or wrong.

I’ll tell you this – Some countries shouldn’t host an event of this size and importance. Same as Mexico City never hosting the Olympics again. They’ll live with it. Qatar will survive without the World Cup in 2022. Well, I dunno about now, when the preparations are already on their way. FIFA and Blatter have a huge problem on their hands, and it doesn’t seem to be the going away quietly type.

FIFA are suggesting the rumors regarding the match split into three aren’t true. But it seems nothing is impossible these days.