Rajon Rondo Makes it Difficult for the Boston Celtics to Trade Him

Rajon Rondo

It felt like the Boston Celtics were in a mode that led them to finally making a decision about trading Rajon Rondo or not. However, another injury, means he isn’t someone anyone will show interest in him, and the decision will have to be delayed until later int he season.

Rondo broke his left hand after falling at home, leading to quick surgery and a recovery period of six weeks. Translation? He won’t be ready to start the season with the team for a second consecutive year. Maybe a bit more relevant to the Celtics’ plans, who aren’t going to be a factor in the Eastern conference playoff race with or without their polarizing point guard, is the delay in their ability to decide on whether or not to trade him.

Danny Ainge is no longer denying it. The owner of the team says he wants Rondo to stay, but also mentions how difficult it is to coach him. This doesn’t sound like a group of men who actually want to keep their best player still on the team. They’re not doing that good of a job when it comes to raising his price in the trade market.

Rondo is something of an outsider. Both in his behavior and in his ability on the floor. He is a ‘king of assists’ type, but more than one scout have said Rondo forces these assists. He only looks to pass when he knows it’s going to end in an easy basket, and his decision making is skewed. He isn’t a very good scorer. His long arms and upper body strength get him to the paint and near the basket, but he’s bad from the line and is awful when it comes to mid-range jumpers or more. In today’s NBA, having that kind of point guard with his kind of salary and without proven scorers around him leads you nowhere.

Rondo is on the last year of his contract, making $12 million this season. Ainge said last season that the Celtics weren’t tanking. They’re not tanking this season either. They’re just bad, with a group of young players and other undesirables who make a weird looking team that sometimes play some easy-on-the-eyes basketball, but are often bad when it comes to the complete picture, having too many pieces that are simply subpar.

Maybe Rondo needs a full season with these guys to show that he is a point guard who can make even scrubs look like stars. Right now, the popular opinion on Rondo is that without the caliber of players he had from 2007-2012, he’s just not that good or worthwhile. Not when he’s known to be driving out hall of fame caliber players from the team. Not when he gives a head coach too much trouble. Not when scoring is such a huge problem for him. With another injury to add to the list, trading Rondo and getting full value for him is becoming a lot more difficult.