Random Dudes With More Home Runs Than Albert Pujols

So how is Albert Pujols doing? Not that good. Yes, he’s making $12 million this year, his first with the Los Angeles Angels. Yes, he’s set to make $254 million through his 10 season with the Angels. Not that much to be upset about. But the hitting… The losing… The Home run numbers. Pujols has plenty to be upset about.

Something is changing for Pujols, at least in the hitting department. His average, which fell to .190 two weeks ago was padded by hitting 12-46 since May 8. Nothing too impressive, but batting .260 this season is special for him. He’s up to .211, while also having an 8 game hit streak. You need to cling on to anything in this kind of season.

But the home run numbers is what’s bugging everyone, Pujols more than anyone. Only 3 home runs this season. How bad is it? There are 134 players with more home runs this season. Pujols averaged over 40 home runs a season during his 11 years with the Cardinals, meaning he’s supposed to be at 9-10 home runs at this moment according to his HR/AB from 2001-2011.

If the Angels, who spent a lot of money on Pujols and others this winter, hoping to regain their dominance in the AL West after the Texas Rangers took over the division these past two seasons. Anyway, everything is pretty bad. To make things worse? There’s a website, randomdudeswithmorehomerunsthanpujols that highlights all the not so remarkable players who have hit more homers than Pujols this season. Even his own teammates, like Mike Trumbo.